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Stances of Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill, Titan Group, Greenpeace of Russia on creation of Verhneyulovskiy reserve almost coincide

Февраль 2, 2018

JSC «Arkhangelsk PPM» and «Тitan» Group note with satisfaction that the stances of both companies and Greenpeace of Russia regarding the principles of Verhneyulovskiy reserve almost coincide.

We hope that in 2018, announced by the President of Russia - the Year of Volunteer – both parties will voluntary and successfully discuss particularities on this issue, having identical viewpoints on the IFL future of the European North, despite the interrupted dialogue in the middle of 2017 on the initiative of Greenpeace of Russia.

APPM and Titan Holding would like to remark that in the context of the Resolution No. 65 (Motion 65) of FSC General Assembly, the draft of the new National FSC Forest Management Standard, we are interested in creation of Verkhneyulovskiy reserve. But this issue is only within the competence of the subject of the Russian Federation that is the Government of the Arkhangelsk region. Until the regional authorities are sure that there are no risks for the local population, municipalities, the reserve can hardly be created.

On their parts, Arkhangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill and Titan Group are working efficiently with WWF Russia. Following the meeting in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Timber Industry Complex of the Arkhangelsk Region at the end of 2017, we jointly determined the Action Plan for establishing of the reserve. We have high hopes that Greenpeace Russia will still join this important work not in word, but in deed.

We believe that Greenpeace of Russia is aware that APPM and Titan Group fulfill forest management strictly according to the Russian forest legislation, i.e. in the framework of the only-permissible forest use model for the north-taiga forest area - the area of the future Verhneyulovskiy reserve.

Titan Group as a participant of the federal project on intensification of forest growing and forest management, in 2018 launches to implement intensive forestry on the leased forest areas located exclusively within the boundaries of the middle taiga, to be particular, in Dvina-Vychegodskiy forest area, where the Holding owns Dmitrievskiy LPH, Velskoe LPP and Shalakushales. This is the subzone, located to the south of the northern region - the territory of the projected Specially Protected Natural Areas in the interfluve of the rivers Northern Dvina and Pinega.

Once again we want to mention, that the projected Verkhneyulovskiy Reserve of the regional importance is located in the north-taiga forest area, where the issues of intensive forest reproduction are highly controversial due to climatic conditions, low productivity of forest lands and their high waterlogging.

Our opinion as for recognition of high value of the Northern Forest of the planet, which is the home for the majority of the Companies’ employees, completely coincides with Greenpeace of Russia; today we are working out the Strategic Action Plan of Titan Group in the field of forest management until 2025 and in the long-term perspective.

The main goal of our Strategy is achievement of sustainable inexhaustible forest use and forest reproduction in the forest territories leased by Titan Group. Introduction of the intensive forest use model and forest reproduction, even in the north-taiga area is one of the main measures which provides realization of the Strategy.

In 2017 we invited representatives of Greenpeace of Russia to join our working group on the Strategy development, but, unfortunately, we were refused. Today we are again glad to invite our colleagues to teamwork.

When our joint researches will get practical results in the form of drafts of normative and legal acts for the creation of a new specially projected north-taiga forest region, for example, Dvinsko-Pinezhsky, it will be a great honor for us if Greenpeace of Russia joins us on this way to introduce appropriate changes in the current Russian forest legislation and by-laws.

APPM and Titan Holding hope that in the Year of Volunteer Greenpeace of Russia will join us to find a compromise for the sake of future of Pomorye.

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